Wintertime Skin Care vs. Summertime Skin Care

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Wintertime Skin Care vs. Summertime Skin Care

Skin care is a vague term that can mean many different things. There are some basic rules to follow, but people may not realize that the perfect skin care routine is somewhat dependent on the weather. For example, wintertime skin care and summertime skin care are totally different, since you have varying factors to worry about from one season to the next. In the winter, dry skin is going to be your biggest issue whereas the summer will bring a good amount of sun exposure and acne, due to sweating.

Why Changing Your Routine Is Important

Skin is your largest organ and you need to take care of it year-round. The bitter cold of winter brings about different skin problems than the unrelenting heat of summer. You are also likely to spend more time outside during the summer, meaning that sun exposure is going to be of greater concern. Without proper skin care, you will experience breakouts or dry patches that are often painful and unpleasant to look at.

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Wintertime Skin Care

In the winter, dry skin is going to be your biggest enemy. Moisturizing at this time of year is critically important in preventing dryness, flaking, and the stinging sensation that can come with this. If you use a moisturizer that is thicker and richer than what you would use in the summer, this can eliminate the wintertime skin issues. If you use a thicker and richer moisturizer in the summer, this may leave a greasy or oily feeling but with the winter weather your skin needs this kind of moisturizing and it will soak up moisture more quickly. Use chap stick or a lip balm often as well to keep your lips from drying out.

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Go easy on the exfoliation. You do not want to stress your skin more than it already is. Rather than an abrasive scrub, consider using moisturizing cleansing products like facial toner, moisturizing skin cleanser and face masks. Remember to use sunscreen to go outside. Getting a sun burn is not only a problem during the summer but can happen in the winter as well.

Summertime Skin Care

In the summer, sun exposure is going to be your biggest issue. Sun burns are not only painful but can lead to skin cancer if you are not careful. You need to make sure you are applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever you are outside and reapply often. Make sure you apply to every exposed area as well. People often forget the hands, neck, and ears. Also use a lip balm that has SPF.

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Sweat and clogged pores are another issue to contend with in the summer. Moisture is rarely an issue due to sweat. Rather, this is the time of year you will need to focus on deep cleaning. This is when the deep cleansing skin cleanser is beneficial. In general, cleansing twice daily is a good place to start. Of course, should continue to use moisturizer and. sunscreen. However, choose a moisturizer that is light so that it does not feel greasy on your skin. Use cosmetic products that are oil-free to prevent breakouts.

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