Megan Repasz

“The Skin & Makeup Institute is hands down the best choice I have made to begin my career as an Aesthetician. Ms. Jackie, Ms. Karen & Ms. Martha were not just teachers, but role models to all of the students. Their knowledge and passion is contagious! The entire staff at SMI are amazing & kind. The education here is unbelievable…. I entered this school knowing I loved skin, but left knowing how to diagnose and treat skin, how to communicate the skin to your client, peels & microderm. The education is endless and we are always welcome back to ask questions, to learn and be mentored. I absolutely love it here and the experience I had was unforgettable! I grew as a woman and as an Aesthetician because of this school; SMI!”

Beth Ong

“Being the research person I am, I did my homework before enrolling in school for aesthetics. The Skin & Makeup Institute topped the list! I feel the education I received here was the best in the field and the instructors bring so much experience in both teaching and real world experience! If I had to do it over, I’d choose the Skin & Makeup Institute again! I feel ready & confident to take on my new career path!”

Angelica Martinez

“When I walked through the double doors on my first day of school – I had no idea what to expect.  Obviously I’d leave with my education but what came with my experience was something nothing short of a blessing.  The respect, education and drive Jalia Pettis showed me and my fellow students was stellar.  The Skin and Makeup Institute really is based, which is something that was clear very early on at the beginning of the class.  In graduating and moving forward in my career as a Professional Makeup Artist, I’m confident, driven and ready to make myself, Jalia and the school extremely proud.  Hold on – were going places yall, thank you for everything! Best of luck to future students, know you have selected the best.”

Emily Deakins

“I attended The Skin & Makeup Institute from June 2017 – February 2018.  After looking at a few different schools, SMI always stood out from the others.  I feel fortunate to have learned what I have from all of the knowledgeable instructors and for the friendships I have made here.  They truly cared about me as an individual & for my success in this industry.  If I had to go back & do it all over again, I’d always choose SMI and I’m forever grateful for the skills I have gained.”

Jessica Miller

“I’m so glad I chose this school as I strongly believe it is the best Aesthetics School. I consider all of the teachers to be more than just teachers and more mentors.  I look up to Ms. Jackie very much and all the knowledge  she has.  All of the other instructors are very respectable.  As happy as I am to graduate and get a great job, I will deeply miss the instructors, students and everything else the school had to offer.

Zelene Sales

“I started this makeup program last year.  I was pregnant at the time and had complications, unfortunately I had to withdraw from the course.  The Skin and Makeup Institute was extremely considerate and understanding of my case.  They allowed me to come back into the course a year and a half later.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  Had I not taken the course this year I wouldn’t have had Jalia as an instructor.  She is amazing at what she does!  She encourages us to ask questions and repeats herself just to make sure we get it.  I have learned so much through her and because of her I feel 100% to go out into the real world and be great as a free – lance makeup artist.  Thank you Skin and Makeup Institute and thank you Jalia!!!”

Delaney Madison

“My experience here at SMI was great. I had wonderful instructors who took the time to help me as much as I needed to fully understand concepts we learned. The education was great and every project we had benefited us, improving our knowledge of skin care, the aesthetics business and product knowledge. I loved my time here at SMI and would recommend anyone interested in aesthetics to come here for their education.”


Camille Gonzalez

“The Skin and Makeup Institute is the BEST Aesthetic school in Arizona. Ms. Jackie Bryant chooses the best instructors for her students and really takes their education to the next level. When you leave SMI you have knowledge of skin and an outstanding knowledge of the Aesthetic business. I personally would recommend SMI to anyone who wants an education or service.”


Anna Niemyjski

“I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and level of education that I received during my time at the school. I wish I could have stayed longer. I have taken continuing education courses before and the instructors here are the best ones I have encountered. I am ready for my state boards and to be successful in my career.”

Shannon Bruggeman

“I had an amazing experience at SMI.  The education I received was much more than I expected.  I graduated from SMI prepared for my future as an Aesthetician.  The teachers are very knowledgeable and were always there to help.  I’m so glad I chose SMI.  The best decision I could have made!  They truly care about their students and their future. ”


Cassidy Bash

“My experience at The Skin & Makeup Institute has been amazing. The instructors really push you to achieve success and by coming here, that’s what you will get. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and prepare you for state boards (exams). Out of all the schools I have toured, this one was by far the most welcoming and professional environment yet. What I love about SMI is you get a lot of experience with working with the public, also there are a lot of continuing education classes! I am glad that I chose SMI and I don’t regret coming here at all!”


Lydia De La Rosa

“Overall I had an amazing experience. From the first day of school we immediately began our hands on training which I absolutely loved. This school was my first choice when looking up schools for aesthetics and I am very satisfied with my decision. Thank you Ms. Jackie for all of your knowledge!”


Denise Donaldson

“My experience at The Skin & Makeup Institute was life changing.  Returning to school after 30 years was not easy for me.  My instructors and classmates rallied with me.  We were a family.  I learned so much about skin care, product knowledge and how to analyze different skin types.  I’m very thankful to my instructors for the wealth of knowledge they instilled in me.  Thank you Ms. Jackie, Ms. Martha and Ms. Karen!”


Devette Ross

“Finding this school was the answer to what I wanted to do with my life. I was able to ask questions and not be frowned upon. They showed unconditional love to their students. If I had to pick all over again, this school would get my pick over and over again!”


Paige Mockerman

“I had such an amazing experience learning at SMI. My confidence has boosted and I am more focused and determined overall in anything I do now. Ms. Jackie was as amazing instructor. I learned so much and I will always be grateful for everything I was taught.”


Brittany Anderson

“I had a wonderful experience at this school. Instructors were very knowledgeable and if I ever needed advice I knew I could count on all of them. The people I have met are awesome and I had so much fun learning new procedures and overall knowledge about skin care. I feel like this school really prepares you for the real world experiences and presents so much to each individual. It was truly a great experience! ”


Nicole Carpenter

“I graduated from SMI feeling confident in my skills & knowledge in the aesthetics field. What I loved about the school was that we get training in detoxification, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy & more. The access to these courses on top of the standard education really makes this school stand out from other institutions. If I had to do it all over again, I would pick SMI in a heartbeat!”


Breck Williams

“This school is filled with so much knowledge. All questions that were asked were answered in detail and my teachers were never hesitant to help out. Classes were fun and filled with a lot of information to help form me into a great Aesthetician!”


Simret Maekele

“The Skin & Makeup Institute of AZ is simply the best school for Aestheticians. The school has prepared me so well. I am ready to work without the need for any further training from my future employer. The school is extremely well organized, well structured, very serious about learning, very attentive to the needs of every student. I felt I was coached and guided at every junction. The school gives high importance to both theory and the practical or clinical aspect of learning. It imparted in me a scientific foundation and understanding of the reasons behind the clinical practice and at the same time it made sure that my practical was done to the utmost perfection with each client. It helped me analyze the skin condition of different clients, diagnose the problems correctly, make appropriate recommendations and work correctly on the client. Miss Jackie is a walking encyclopedia full of knowledge and what I really appreciated was she was so willing to share and impart in us as much knowledge as we could possibly grasp. Miss Jackie gave 110% every day, she held nothing back. The only limiting factor was our ability to learn and grasp, she gave everything she could give. I recommend The Skin & Makeup Institute to anyone that is seriously considering to be a great aesthetician. I can assure you, you will learn everything you need and more!”


Beverly Purtha

“I started at SMI in January 2014, it had been 30 years since I had been in school. Needless to say I was terrified. The staff at SMI are friendly, encouraging, and very knowledgeable! They were patient, explained things very well. I never felt lost, I always felt that my best interests were looked after. I would recommend SMI to anyone who is eager to learn Aesthetics because they will get THE BEST-top of the line education! I love my new career and only have SMI to thank!!”


Heather Starr

“I joined the program knowing absolutely nothing about skin. I left the program feeling confident that I can work in the industry with no problem! I loved my time at The Skin & Makeup Institute. The instructors have tons of knowledge and love to share it with the students. I feel that I chose the best school for my aesthetics education!”


Alexa Russo

“To start out, I came to Arizona hoping to fulfill my passion of beauty and really hoping to get into the makeup industry.  I’ve always loved makeup whether it was playing with it on myself, friends or family.  When I found The Skin and Makeup Institute and realized it held both my interests.  I was very excited to see myself from start to finish in both skin and makeup programs.  Coming into Jalia’s class and learning that we would be going into the basics then eventually getting deeper, not only caught me by surprise on how I would be learning, but also how passionate she was in making sure we knew how to confidently do it ourselves.  From the start I learned how much knowledge Jalia actually holds, not only because she is an instructor, but because she’s had so much experience in the industry that she shared with us.  From taking us on field trips, to bringing in people from her team and in the business.  I am confident in what I’ll need to perform my best and with the knowledge I now have.  I not only want to thank the school but thank Jalia for filling me with the knowledge I need to be successful, pushing me out of our comfort zones and being someone you can not only trust with personal issues but being a mentor.  This class has helped me grow in so many ways and for that I am grateful!”


Brooke Stein

“If you want the best education around then you’ll want to attend The Skin & Makeup Institute of Az.  Their instructors are not only extremely smart and talented but they genuinely care about you and your education.  They adapt to your learning style to supply you with all the education you need to be a successful aesthetician.  The school has a ton of add-on knowledge that other schools don’t offer as well as classes you can add on yourself to further your education.  I loved attending SMI school and would strongly recommend it to someone who wants the BEST EDUCATION AROUND.  Love you Guys? ”


Cassidy Kinna

“The Skin and Makeup Institute was an amazing education for me. I learned so much about skin and about this industry. The staff and instructors are amazing and know what they are talking about. Also they want you to succeed and be successful in this industry. Overall I’m so happy that I picked this Institute to do my training. Everything had a nice flow to the program and you get a great education. Thank you for giving me this great education!”


Ashley Gang

“I learned a lot while going to school here. I struggled with Cystic Acne for many years and Miss Jackie took time out of her day to get me on a bed and help treat my acne. It was comforting knowing that I had someone willing to walk the walk with me. I feel confident in how my skin looks and also with my knowledge in how to treat acne conditions and prevent acne naturally. I really felt that instructors Karen and Martha were great as well.”