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An Exciting Career Path in Aesthetics

Choosing a career path can be one of the most important decisions of your life, and apart from the financial aspect of it, the work you choose should be rewarding and fulfilling, something you truly enjoy doing. This is exactly what you’ll have with a career in Aesthetics, when you embark on the 600-hour aesthetics training program at The Skin and Makeup Institute of Arizona. Here’s what our students can look forward to learning at SMI.

What You’ll Learn

During the course of instruction, you will be taught salon techniques that educate you about performing body and facial treatments, including clinical treatments that address potential skin disorders. You will also receive training in the following areas:

– Skin Analysis: In depth diagnosis of skin conditions

– Makeup Applications: Day, evening and business applications

– Treatment of Acne: For more mild cases of irregular skin

– Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: Hypo-Hyper pigmentation, skin from over sun exposure

– Treatment of Mature Skin: Fine lines, wrinkles and loss of collagen

– Micro-Dermabrasion: Lunch time gentle crystal exfoliation

– Sun Tan Application: Self tanner for face or body

– Natural Detoxification: Educate on cleansing of the internal part of the body

– Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Drainage of lymph by hands to support the immune system & skin type

– Application of Facials: Cleans, tone, massage and mask for each skin type

– Waxing Techniques: Hair removal of all areas of face and body

Depending on your choice of programs and what you want to specialize in, you will have the opportunity to become proficient in the latest innovative spa treatments, the current and future trends of the skin, beauty, and makeup industry, and the technology associated with the practice of being an aesthetician, now and in the future.

You will also learn the fundamentals of basic makeup, which is one of the most commonly sought-after beauty services. In this body of instruction, you’ll be trained on typical makeup application, special-occasion makeup, and how to apply artificial eyelashes. Many people seek advice about how to conduct their own makeup sessions at home, and you will be thoroughly prepared for this kind of instruction, as you learn about each makeup component and how it enhances the appearance. This is extremely valuable knowledge which can be used when working at a salon, spa, doctor’s office, or as a professional working with a cosmetic surgeon.

How You’ll be Prepared for Your Career

In addition to the training you receive on techniques, and the knowledge you will learn about skin function and how to keep it healthy, you will also be prepared for eventual licensing in your field. You will be instructed on the theory and the practice of Aesthetics in a program which exceeds Arizona State licensing requirements.

You’ll also undergo extensive hands-on training throughout the program, so that you have a thorough understanding of all techniques and practices. To prepare students for obtaining licensing from the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, SMI provides you with all the necessary textbooks, supplies, uniforms, and the Aesthetics kit, so that you are fully prepared to take the Arizona State Board exam.

If you’re looking for an exciting career and don’t want to experience the typical 9-5 upon graduation, then give our school a call. We’ll take you on a tour and explain how we’re going to educate you for one of the most rewarding career paths available
today. Call our admissions office at 623-334-6700 or visit us online.