Start the New Year with Healthy Skin

Healthy skin in the winter

Healthy skin in the winter

As 2018 comes to an end, many people begin to look into the New Year and how changes can be made to be healthier. When it comes to your skin, there are many ways to ensure you have a healthy glow. During the winter months, skin begins to change. It can dry out due to the humidity in the air, leading to cracking and peeling. Learning how to take better care of your skin as 2019 begins will set you up for success when it comes to your skincare routine.

Skin Changes in Winter

In the winter, a harsh and cold wind will irritate the skin of the face and hands. Dry conditions with the weather will strip the natural moisture from the skin. The dryness that we experience can lead to issues within the skin, including red patches. Dead skin cells begin to clog your pores and acne is created.

The humidity creates a dryness that must be compensated for within your skincare routine. If you do not moisturize in the winter, cracking and dryness can occur. By using a quality moisturizer, your skin will pick up additional moisture, as the winter conditions dry it out. It is beneficial to moisturize your skin at night as well as in the morning to ensure the skin is well cared for.

Skin Protection

It is important to protect the skin during the winter as well. As we go into the New Year, learning more about skin protection can ensure that your skin is not subject to harmful UV rays as well as harsh winds that occur due to the weather conditions.

Using sunscreen in the winter is a must, but most people do not even think about using it. In the summer, we use sunscreen to ensure our skin is protected from the sun’s rays. In the winter, the sun can still be damaging, but because it is cold, most people don’t think about using sunscreen. It is medically recommended that sunscreen is applied about a half hour before going outside. This gives the sunscreen a chance to dry and adhere to your skin, without staying behind on your clothes.

Face Peels in Winter

Skin peels are a great way to refresh and care for your skin. The best time to have a peel provided by a skin care professional is during the winter. In the New Year, you can easily schedule a skin peel for your face to be able to enjoy the full benefits. As the temperatures drop, there is less moisture in the air, so skin is drier. These are the perfect conditions for a skin peel.
Chemical peels for the skin are created to remove dry and damaged skin. After the service is completed, the face will have younger, smoother looking skin. The skin is more hydrated and provides a lovely appearance.

With the New Year, consider changing up your skincare routine. As the skin changes, products need to be added to ensure that your skin looks its very best as well as stays healthy. Add in more moisture and try a skin peel to see how much better your skin feels as the New Year begins.If you have any questions feel free to contact our spa (623)334-6700.