Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

makeup for mature skin

They say time waits for no man or woman, and that is true. No matter what you do, you cannot stop the aging process. Everyone knows that you will get wrinkles as you age, but not everyone understands that there are other changes that take place. But you always take good care of your skin, you think. You use moisturizer and good soaps and good brands of makeup. But what you cannot stop no matter how well you tend to yourself are the changes caused by your body itself.

What Happens To Our Skin As We Age?

As you age, your skin gets thinner, your eyelids will begin to sag, and they will even become more transparent. The skin on your cheeks will change and some of those changes are related to how you sleep; on the right side or the left side, on your stomach or your back. Not all changes are symmetrical so when you apply makeup what works on one eyelid may not look the same when applied to the other eyelid. Even your eyebrows will betray you. If you had lovely thick brows, they may become thinner as you age. In that case, if you never needed an eyebrow pencil, now you might. But don’t worry, a few tricks can help thwart the aging process without an expensive nip and tuck around the face.

How You Should Be Applying Foundation

One place you should start is how you apply your foundation.If you use creams, start at the center of your face and gently smooth it outward. It helps with your circulation and helps to minimize the downward effects of gravity. Next, apply it to the base of your neck and move upwards, then outwards along the jawline. For eye cream, start near your nose from the inner eye following to the end of your eye, and pat, never rub.

Changing How You Apply Your Makeup

When you were younger, you applied your eye makeup and then tended to your eyebrows. As you age, you should reverse this process. Your eyebrows are now going to give your eyes a wider frame for their part in your makeup routine. Shape your brows at the beginning of the corner of your eye and extend them to the outer edge of your eye. This gives you more area to work with when applying your eye makeup. If you have to fill in your brow use short, upward strokes, comb your brows up and complete the job with a pencil or powder.

If your eyelids have begun to sag, they may have creases. No longer will you use a darker color to contour your eyes. Now you must work with Mother Nature. Use a darker color for your eyelids like grey or brown and apply it from your eyelash up and over the actual crease. This will create the illusion of a new crease, and makes your eyes look bigger. Only after you have completed all of this do you begin to apply eyeliner.

Most importantly, the center of your face is where the most damage is done. Using your foundation or correcting cream, start at the bridge of your nose to the area beneath your nostrils and blend it outward to your hairline. Then, with your foundation brush, sweep the area back and forth for a better blend. If you would like to learn more, contact the Skin and Makeup Institute in Peoria, Arizona. If anyone knows skin and makeup, it is us. For additional tips or questions please contact us at (623) 334-6700.