Maintaining Your Skin will Ensure Healthy Skin

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Help, My Skin!
A quick check and understanding of your skin can make a big difference in the proper home care and end result, “Beautiful Skin.”
Acne: Blackheads, whiteheads, frequent breakouts, could have cysts. Can be oily or dry looking.
Oily: Shiny, wet feeling after cleansing 2-4 hours all over face
Combination: Oil in T-Zone within 3-4 hours after cleansing. More dry on cheeks.
Sensitive: Burns, stings, reactive, red and rashy to almost all product and friction.
Dry: No oil or hydration. Horizontal fine lines when you smile. Feels and look tight. Looks dull.
Mature: Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen, elastin. Same pigmentation. Dull looking, may be red.
Come to The Skin and Makeup Institute and let us give you a very thorough diagnoses of yours skin and recommend inexpensive treatments and products to discover and take your skin to the most amazing results you could imagine.