Foods that Promote Healthy Skin

foods for healthy skin

foods for healthy skinFoods That Promote Healthy Skin and Why

When it comes to having healthy skin, it takes more than lotions and creams. Many people are surprised to find that the foods we eat actually affect the skin in a positive or negative way. By learning which foods to eat to promote healthy skin, you can create a diet that is not only good for the inside of your body but also for your skin. Adding these food items will ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing, smooth and soft, helping you to look and feel younger! Check out a few of the best foods for your skin below.


Rich in antioxidants, blueberries are a great choice to help your skin stay young and smooth. This fruit has Vitamin C and antioxidants that will help fight aging signs in your skin. You can eat blueberries in a variety of ways, easily mixing the fruit into your diet. Add a few to your morning cereal or in a lunchtime salad. The raw form helps to provide more antioxidants to the body, which is extremely helpful to your skin.

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Another great option for your skin is fish. Fish are rich in healthy oils as they consist of omega-3 fatty acids. With omega-3s you have a good source of oil that helps the skin and does not clog your pores. It is best to have healthy fats in your diet and fish can provide this for you. You will have nice supple skin by adding fish to your diet by adding healthy oils to your body.

Switch to Whole Grains

Refined white bread and pasta are a big no-no when it comes to the skin. Such foods will increase the amount of insulin in your body which is not good for the skin. With whole grains, you will be getting the fiber you need to promote good digestion which will help to promote good skin. When you have digestion problems, it can lead to unhealthy looking skin, with a dull or dry appearance. Switch from white to wheat and you will see a difference!

Hydration from Water

Everyone knows that water is good for the body, yet most people do not get enough each day. Water provides hydration to the body which in turn creates a smooth and supple skin. When you are dehydrated the skin will become dry and flaky. By drinking plenty of liquids, you will be able to replace any water loss and affect your skin in a positive way. Take note of how much water you drink and try to reach the daily recommended amount of 64 ounces.

Sweet Potatoes for Wrinkles

As we age, we look for ways to stop the signs of aging in the skin, such as with wrinkles. By adding sweet potatoes to your diet, you can help to reduce the signs of wrinkles. Sweet potatoes contain Vitamin A which has been found to stop signs of aging like wrinkles. Eating sweet potatoes provides you with a natural source of Vitamin A which helps you to enjoy a healthy diet and better-looking skin.


If you like green veggies, be sure to add broccoli to your diet regularly. Not only does broccoli help with digestion as it contains fiber, but it also is good for the skin. Broccoli that has dark florets will provide Vitamins A and C which are perfect for fighting fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

These are just a few examples of various types of food you can add to your diet to help promote healthy skin. Try adding in just a few at first and then add more to see a nice change in the texture and appearance of your skin over time. For more tips and suggestions please contact our school or spa at 623-334-6700.